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Moscow has brilliant tourist perspective

Moscow has brilliant tourist perspective

According to the balance of the first quarters of the year 2009, Moscow had a fall of tourist stream. In the first half of the year it was by 18.6% tourists less than a year before, it's a little more than 1.5 million persons.

According to officials, the extreme fall is behind. The fall during the first 3 months was 19.8% comparing with 2008, for the second 3 months – only 17.7%.

These statistics and plans were discussed on the conference last week on the 17th of September in the central office of “Interfax”.

In particular the president of the comity of tourism in Moscow Grigory Antyufiev announced the plans of resolution of the present situation.

As example for the tourist development of Moscow have been taken London and Paris. In Paris arrive more than 20 million every year, in Moscow one plans to increase the number of tourists up to 10 million till 2020.

Mr. Antyufiev added that despite of the crisis the advertisement of Russia abroad hadn’t been reduced. The scheduled arrangements dedicated to the knowledge of Russia among the foreigners took place. For example, Maslenitsa organized in London. The mayor of Dublin was so much impressed that he decided to organize Maslenitsa in his city.

In the list of scheduled arrangements are placed different exhibitions, like thirtieth international tourist exchange in London “World Travel Market-2009” where Russia will take part.

In Moscow one builds new hotels areas, 6 new hotels have been already built and 9 new hotels will be built till the end of the year.

Among the economic aims is the project of the Moscow government to Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Its main idea is to propose to Ministry of Foreign Affairs to send one part of money received from the execution of Visas in Russian Federation for the foreign advertisement of tourist capacities of Russia abroad.

The other suggestion was that one can encourage tourist agencies that work for the arrival tourism; there are only 5% of the agencies that work with the foreigners interested in visiting Russia. Maybe the changing of the tax politics in this sphere will make the tourist agencies become more interested in the sphere of arrival tourism.

Monday, September 21, 2009