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Madonna was suspected of illegal earnings in Russia

Madonna was suspected of illegal earnings in Russia

Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, Vitaly Milonov demanded to verify the legitimacy of Madonna’s show in Russia, which was held in the northern capital in August 7, 2012. Milonov found that the organizers of the concert could violate Russian labor laws, in particular, her visa allowed her to work only on charity concerts.

The office of the Federal Migration Service in St. Petersburg verified the statement of the deputy, but did not reveal any delinquency from the part of the Western pop stars, – informs the agency RIA Novosti. As noted by the head of the Federal Migration Service Elena Dunaeva a violation of the legislation would have occurred only in the case of proven legal relationship with the Russian company, which would pay a certain fee to a singer. However, the Russian organizer provided only the preparation and organization of the show, so no direct payments has been committed.

“We have verified that Madonna had entered on a visa that allowed her to make a series of concerts, she received no money in the Russian territory, there were no contracts in Russia. We saw no violation of the law. There is no grounds for bringing her to justice”, – noted Dunaeva.

Earlier, the deputy Vitaly Milonov has filed a lawsuit against Madonna at the fact the offensive statement of support for sexual minorities, made at a concert in St. Petersburg, with the requirement to pay 333 million rubles in compensation. Then the court upheld the claim of the deputy dismissed.

Monday, April 22, 2013