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The first capsule hotel opened in Russia

The first capsule hotel opened in Russia

The 25th of November 2009, in Terminal “Aeroexpress” of Sheremetyevo International Airport the solemn opening of the first Russian capsule hotel “Air express” was hold.

The idea of capsule hotels came from Japan, where they exist for several years – according to gzt.ru, only in Tokyo exists about 40 hotels for 700 rooms.

In Japan such hotels have almost real capsules, where one bed hardly fits. That is why an obligatory belonging of such hotel is large common space with bar, sauna and, sometimes, swimming pool.

In Europe, the idea of capsule hotels came in different form. Rooms are not capsules, but more like cabins of a liner. Each has everything one needs to rest – bed, TV, equipped bathroom, telephone and Internet.

The hotel “Air express” is established according to European principle. It is intended primarily for transit tourists – here they can spend time between their flights, have a good rest and freshen themselves up. As well, this hotel will be useful for those whose flight is severely delayed. Stay fee at the hotel is charged for the first four hours, then the fare is taken hourly.

“Air Express” is located on the fifth floor of the terminal complex “Aeroexpress” next to Terminals 2, D and E. Its guests will have access to all services of the airport, cafes and shops. The hotel has in total 66 rooms divided into classes: from the first to economy class. Classification, primarily with regard to the size of the rooms (economy class is only 7.5 square meters without window.)

From outside the hotel looks the same as any other city hotel. Registration order, electronic keys and payment in advance.

As explained the Director of the hotel Zemfira Yunusova: “New hotel is designed for those who need short-term rest and unwilling to overpay for unnecessary services and extra time”.

Monday, November 30, 2009