A complete ban on the carriage of liquids on board is implemented in Russia

A complete ban on the carriage of liquids on board is implemented in Russia

January 8 Rosaviation sent in Russian airports the directive, where one of the points was a ban on the transportation of any liquids on board in hand luggage. The cause of severe restrictions was the terrorist attacks in Volgograd and, consequently, the need to strengthen security measures at airports.

The exception makes medicines and personal care needed to sustain the passengers during the flight. The evidence of such a need can be an official medical certificate.

However, the experts call the measures taken too rigid. “The innovation of Rosaviation is extremely tough. The tightened rules can only be explained by some concerns relating to the Olympic Games in Sochi. Unfortunately, the current legislation on air virtually ignores the interests of customers. It is not possible to fight with it, because the authorities have the right to establish such a requirement, this is due to security issues, both airlines and airports should implement it,” – quotes the agency “RIA Novosti” the words of the Chairman of the International Confederation of Consumer Societies Dmitry Yanin.

As well the experts note that the ban could negatively affect the passengers’ expanses. Since all liquids have to be taken in luggage, it can involve the excess weight and necessary fee of luggage. It will especially affect the passengers of low-cost airlines for which the luggage is often a fully paid service.

Monday, January 13, 2014