Registration of visa

Registration of visa

Visa registration is a migration registration of a foreigner at his/her residence address, in accordance with Russian legislation.

If you are planning to stay at your place of residence for less than 7 working days, you are not obliged to register your visa, but the registration after this term requires to pay a fine at the police station.

If you are staying at a hotel, the hotel administration will register your visa for the whole period of your stay there. If you are staying at a private accommodation, your visa can be registered only by the owner of this property (apartment/house).

The absence of the registration will not allow you to perform any legal actions and can be the reason for a penalty or arrest by police.

The procedure for registering a visa (that is, applying for migration accounting) is very difficult. It is required to fill in the Notification form on the arrival of a foreign citizen, and the landlord must personally visit the office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the MFC. See more...