Drivers with foreign licenses were allowed to work in Russia for another year

Drivers with foreign licenses were allowed to work in Russia for another year

The State Duma of the Russian Federation delayed for one year – until July 1, 2015 – a ban on work as drivers of citizens with foreign driver's licenses, – informs the agency ITAS-TASS.

According to previously accepted amendments, the measure was expected to enter into force in May 2014, however, due to the fact that they did not take the necessary measures to replace the foreign licenses by working drivers, it was decided to delay the entry of law in force.

“The procedure for the exchange has not yet been developed. Now, the order should include new approaches of training and retraining the drivers. All this is a consequence of the recent changes to the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic”, – said the chairman of the Committee on Transport Eugene Moskvichev at a meeting of the State Duma in late April. The situation becomes even more difficult after including the Crimea in the Russian Federation.

As Moskvichev noted, the situation when the documents replacement algorithm is still not developed, and the introduction of the ban can lead to the serious traffic problems in Russia. So, at the moment the driver's public transport staff consists by 70–80% of citizens of the Customs Union countries. The transportation involves in about 35% of the total number of foreign drivers. If they all lose the opportunity to go to work, the transport infrastructure of the country will suffer as a whole.

Monday, May 5, 2014