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Visa regime: possibility of agreement between Russia and Great Britain

Visa regime: possibility of agreement between Russia and Great Britain

According to “Interfax”, one of the main subjects of negotiations between the leaders of Foreign Affairs of Russia and Great Britain Sergey Lavrov and David Miliband, to be held in Moscow on 2 November, will be the project of simplification of the visa regime. Such innovations have been debated on summits for a long time, but as stated in the past briefing from the 22 of November the authorized agent of MFA Andrei Nesterenko: “With great regret, we must note that the UK has been unwilling to resume negotiations on the agreement on visa facilitation”.

To date, the procedure for obtaining a visa in both countries is very long, complicated and confusing. Andrei Nesterenko emphasizes: “The communication between people should be without obstacles. This is a shared interest; everybody is interested in creating favorable conditions for communication between people, so we could easily travel to countries that are in our common European space”.

Recall that Russia many times announced to British and European Union it’s willingness to go to an open visa regime with the progressive elimination of visas. MFA of Russia is interested in the free cooperation of the European peoples.

In an interview to RIA “News” Sergey Lavrov said that Russia for its part, is ready to “reboot” relations with the United Kingdom – just as was in the case with the USA.

However, these statements do not have proper impact on British, even though that visa difficulties affect business partnership of the two countries. As noted the Ambassador of Russia in London Yuri Fedotov, consistently the visit of business representatives of two countries are wrecked, so the bargains face the risk, and trade and economic relations cannot develop properly.

However, in late September Russia signed intergovernmental agreement on simplification of visa regime with Switzerland. According to RBC, negotiations held between the Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and the head of the Federal Department of Justice and state police Evelyn Wiedmer-Schlumpf.

Monday, October 26, 2009