Tourism in Moscow suburbs will be developed through ethnic villages

Tourism in Moscow suburbs will be developed through ethnic villages

Minister of Culture of Moscow region, Oleg Rozhnov suggested the need of ethnic villages in the region to attract foreign and domestic tourists.

As a variant of such a settlement they proposed to use the regional country estates surrounded by the yard and farm settlements.

“At the level of ideas it is to build on the estate territory an ethnic village, for example, the manor house surrounded by 11-15 log cabins, some of which are museums and restaurants, and the rest – domestics’ houses to show the base estate life at that time. They can stop and spend the night to learn the conditions of life in those times. Even a kerosene lamp is possible”, – suggested the minister.

As Rozhnov noted, the foreign tourists should be attracted by the national character and authenticity of the settlements as well as by the opportunity to try on the role of farmers, participating in the various events of village life. For example, milk the cows, feed the chickens, or spend the night in the hayloft.

In the past year, this idea has already been expressed, in particular, by the Deputy Minister of Physical Culture, Sports, Tourism and Youth Work, Oleg Zholobov. Then it was assumed that the financing of these settlements building will be on the private investors, and the regional authorities will provide with infrastructure, transport and roads. The ethnic villages’ construction was planned to begin in early 2013.

Monday, April 15, 2013