The number of foreign students in Russian universities will increase

The number of foreign students in Russian universities will increase

Russia will increase the quota for foreign students in Russian universities – said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting with students of Kazan State Power Engineering University.

As the Prime Minister said, it is particularly important for the country that students from other countries study in its high schools: “When someone is educated in Russia, he becomes somehow associated with our country and contributes to the development of particular friendly partnership between the two countries; it is the people we later rely on while establishing good-neighbor relations with other countries” – accentuated D. Medvedev.

In addition to increasing the quota, the Prime Minister spoke about the irrationality of graduates’ recruitment. As the formation of each expert requires a lot of time and money, it seems inefficient to interrupt it for a year so that the student renews it and makes up for lost time then.

“We must pursue the recruitment policy in such a way as to prevent the reasons of state from suffering. That is why a new system of call and execution of appropriate military service is worked on now by the President order. I hope it will be more up-to-date”, – Medvedev is quoted by the media.

This year the quota for foreign students in Russian universities will be 15 thousand seats against 10 million last year. Only budget places are quoted – students can get commercial education without quota.

Besides, the state scholarships will increase up to 1,340 rubles a month. Post-graduate students, assistants-probationers and registrars will receive, respectively, 2637, 2717 and 6331 rubles per month depending on the specific program of the university.

Monday, September 1, 2014