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The largest hostel in Russian has been opened in Moscow

The largest hostel in Russian has been opened in Moscow

In early July in Moscow officially the largest hostel in the CIS has been opened, – informs the website of “Izvestia”.

The new six-storey hostel with total area of 2.2 thousand square meters is meant for 300 seats. Apart from the rooms it has a two-level bar open to all comers, a gym, an underground parking and a cinema for 20 seats. The hotel is located in the center of Moscow near the Kurskaya metro station.

According to the management of the hotel Julia Schelovaya the hostel is primarily designed for young people. As a starting point the experience of the New York mini-hotels for young people was adopted.

Speaking at the opening of the hostel, the head of the Committee of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sergei Shypilko particularly noted the importance of the room stock of Moscow on the eve of the World Cup 2018. By this time in the capital should provide ten thousand rooms more.

“At least it is necessary to build another 10 thousand rooms. I think that the schedule will be sustained in view of the objects that will be opened this year and in subsequent years up to the World Cup. Maybe we can build more, which is quite real”, – the statement is quoted by the media.

Sergei Shypilko also dispelled fears about the future hotels, saying that Championship will become a powerful demonstration of the tourist potential of the capital, leading to a significant increase of the tourists flow from abroad.

Hosting the World Cup and measures taken to improve Russia's image in the eyes of foreigners will not leave empty such a great number of rooms.

Monday, July 14, 2014