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The initiative to introduce medical visas in Russia

The initiative to introduce medical visas in Russia

The government is ready to support initiative to introduce medical visas in Russia, which will contribute to development of medical tourism in the country.

The first deputy head of the social committee of the Federation Council Valery Ryazansky said that introduction of medical visas will positively affect the development of healthcare in the Russian Federation. “This is the right proposal. Introduction of medical visas will allow more successful development of medical services export, which will positively affect healthcare system”, Ryazansky emphasized.

Russia is included in the ranking of countries with the best conditions for development of medical tourism. The government declares need to direct all efforts to this area development. By the way, some steps have already been taken to develop medical tourism in the Russian Federation. For example, two years ago they adopted program to increase number of foreigners who receive treatment in Russia.

According to statistics, since 2016 medical services market has increased in Russia by 15 times. More than 300 thousand foreign citizens arrived for treatment in Russia in 2018.

Cardiological, dental, gynecological, urological, ophthalmological services and plastic surgery are in the greatest demand.

A growing number of foreign citizens is arriving in Russia in order to receive medical services; as a rule, their insurance does not cover all expenses. Thus, Russia has a good opportunity to develop medical tourism by introduction of medical visas.

Monday, March 2, 2020