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Spain supports the abolition of visas with Russia

Spain supports the abolition of visas with Russia

Spanish Ambassador Luis Felipe Fernandez Russia de la Peña noted the need of abolition of the visa regime between Russia and Spain.

“In the EU Spain takes the view that the visas should be abolished. This issue rises at the summits. If such work will be continued, then the visas may be canceled”, – noted the ambassador in his speech.

It is expected that the abolition of visas will increase the tourist flow between the two countries.

The Ambassador noted that “for Spain the Russian tourist market is becoming a priority”. The ambassador cited data showing that in 2011 705,000 visas for Russian tourists were issued, and altogether 900,000 Russians have visited Spain. “We aim to increase this figure by 2018 to 4.5 million people”.

For Russia the abolition of visas with Europe will become a big step in the development of the tourism industry in the country. Many experts have repeatedly emphasized the difficulty of visa application procedures as a major factor why the foreign citizens do not want to go to Russia.

At the same time, at a press conference in Moscow the Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization UNWTO Taleb Rifai noted the strengths of the Russian tourism.

The unique culture, which includes folklore, architecture, handicrafts, national specifics, is very attractive for foreign tourists. Nature is the second factor of attractiveness. I do not think the world is well aware of the diversity and richness of nature in Russia. And finally, the third place is occupied by City tourism and travel to Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large Russian cities”, – quotes the agency “RIA Novosti” the words of Rifai.

Monday, March 26, 2012