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Saint Petersburg was included in the list of cities to be visited in 2016

Saint Petersburg was included in the list of cities to be visited in 2016

One city corresponds to each month of the year. In January, the author of the article Nick Trend advises to visit the Carnival of Venice, in February – to go to London, in March – to visit Seville, in April – to spend time in Brussels. In May, the collections of the National Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art worth seeing in Oslo, in July travelers are recommended to enjoy the natural beauty of Berlin. According to Nick Trend, it is better to spend August in Siena and September in Bordeaux, and to meet October in New York. Tourists are advised to visit Marrakech (Morocco) in November and to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere in Vienna.

The only Russian city included in this list is St. Petersburg. The author encourages tourists to visit the northern capital of Russia in June to admire the famous white nights. The month is also determined by the opportunity to visit the places of filming a new adaptation of the Tolstoy novel “War and Peace” of the British channel BBC. In addition, in June, visitors can visit the “White Nights” festival and admire the performances of the Mariinsky Theatre.

According to the experts, the inclusion of St. Petersburg in the list of must-visit cities can increase the number of foreign tourists arriving to Russia.

It is worth mentioning that the possibility of expanding the visa-free regime for tourists arriving to St. Petersburg is discussed actively now. Heretofore, a visa-free stay within 72 hours was possible only for cruise and ferry passengers. At the moment, the authorities of St. Petersburg are considering proposals to expand the opportunities for tourists arriving to the city by all transport, as well as to increase the period of their visa-free stay in the country.

Such measures should contribute to the increase in tourist traffic of foreigners from nearby countries. According to the studies data, about 2.8 million foreign tourists from Germany, Italy, Finland and China visited the northern capital in 2015, and their number is expected to grow in 2016.

Monday, January 25, 2016