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Russian visa center opened in Paris

Russian visa center opened in Paris

In Paris, the first Visa Center of the Russian Federation was opened in the presence of the Russian ambassador in France Alexander Orlov and the consul Dmitry Mezhaurov.

Last year, the Russian consulate in Paris issued 84,000 Russian visas, and another 57,000 visas were issued by the consular offices in Strasbourg and Marseilles. As the head of the consular department of the Russian Embassy Dmitry Mezhaurov noted: “In the peak days in June last year, the embassy issued up to 900 visas per day, long lines gathered at the diplomatic mission,” – quoted by the media.

Due to increased demand for visas in order to relieve the consulate and to accelerate the process of visa issuing the Visa Application Centre was created.

“The Center is designed to make life easier for the French citizens, who want to get a visa to travel to Russia. Here are a large number of windows, it will reduce the time of visa issuance, because today, when the travel agencies say that one have to wait for a Russian visa for two weeks, it scares away a lot of people,” – said in an interview with the “Voice of Russia” Russian Ambassador in France Alexander Orlov.

As in other countries, the visa application center in Paris will collect, execute and conduct the documents and applications, the final decision on a visa will be made by the embassy as before.

The opening of visa center would not entail any financial changes. In particular, the visa fee will still be 70 euros for an urgent visa and 35 euros for the regular.

All categories of citizens can apply for a visa, except for diplomats, official organizations and families with mixed citizenship.

Thursday, June 14, 2012