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The extension of Russian visa application form for UK citizens

The extension of Russian visa application form for UK citizens

As reported the Russian news agency TASS, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has amended the process of issuing Russian visas to British citizens. “We confirm that a new extended Russian visa application form has been introduced for applicants with UK citizenship since July 17, 2017. We have adopted the experience of our British colleagues regarding the whole complex of issues to visa applicants which meets all modern security requirements,” reported the Russian Embassy in London to the agency.

According to the experts, the introduction of the extended Russian visa application form should not reduce the tourist flow to Russia or affect the interest of British citizens to travel to the country. “The process of Russian visa getting has always been not so simple for UK citizens and required fingerprints. The visa application form was more complete than in other countries and was used as such only in a few countries such as Australia, the USA, Canada and Georgia,” said Alexey Cherepanov, the Deputy Head of the Visit Russia national tourist office in the United Kingdom. The introduction of additional questions should make this application form look similar to the form required to be filled in by Russian citizens getting UK visas as well as give equal rights to Russian and British citizens applying for visas.

As noted Alexey Cherepanov, the office of Visit Russia in London will continue to give support and respond to information requests of travel companies and individual tourists and will be able to assist British citizens having difficulties in completing the application form. UK citizens can also apply for a Russian visa at the visa centres in London, Manchester and Edinburgh, or call in the employees of the centre to collect biometric data.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017