Russian-Japanese agreement on tourism cooperation

Russian-Japanese agreement on tourism cooperation

The Head of Russiatourism Oleg Safonov and the head of the Japan Tourism Agency Akihito Tamura signed a number of documents that will further the development of tourism relations between the two countries.

According to Akihito Tamura, Japan expects an increase in the tourist flow to Russia due to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. He stressed that governments of the two countries take active measures to develop tourism cooperation.

The signed agreements provide for increased mutual tourist flows between Russia and Japan in the next two years.

The first document implies an increase in the level of Russian-Japanese tourist exchange by 220 thousand tourists in 2018.

The second document deals with holding weeks of gastronomic tourism within a framework of the Russian-Japanese bilateral year.

In August, the Association of Tour Operators of Russia announced the increase in the incoming tourist flow: at least 15% more foreign tourists arrived in the country as part of the organized groups for the last three months.

It should be emphasized that Russia and Japan are actively developing bilateral tourism cooperation.

It is expected that the growth of the tourist flow from Japan to Russia will increase due to the simplification of the visa regime within the Russian-Japanese bilateral year.

Monday, October 9, 2017