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Russian hotels will get the stars without fail

Russian hotels will get the stars without fail

The order on the obligatory classification of the Russian hotels was signed by the minister of sports, tourism and youth policy Vitaly Mutko, – reports Interfax agency.

The corresponding changes were brought in the law “On the basics of tourism activity”. In accordance with it all the objects of the tourism industry on the territory of Russia must be inspected through and on the basis of the results of inspection the determined amount of stars will be appropriated to them. It will touch not only hotels but also skiing bases, beaches, tourist bases.

The order of classification also passes an approval in Minsportstourism. The inspection of the objects will be carried out by the special joint committee which will determine their category.

The leader of the department of tourism of Minsportstourism Nadezhda Nazina marked: “The hotel which will not be classified by this document will not be able to work. In accordance with the world practice the normative acts do not forbid the activity, but determine the conditions under which this activity can be performed”.

According to the report of the representative of Minsportstourism, the cost of the verification will not depend on the status of the hotel. It will depend on the time expended for the verification.

For coming through the classification the proprietors will be to bring the objects over in accordance with the international requirements, that will serve for the benefit of the development of tourism in Russia, in fact now many hotels are in a deplorable condition and it negatively tells on the attractiveness of the country in the eyes of foreign tourists.

The system of the classification existed in Russia before the signing of the law, but was voluntary. As a result there are only 470 objects in the register of the classified hotels, but the amount of hotel rooms in Russia and, particularly, in Moscow grows constantly.

International Olimpic Commity insisted on the introduction of the obligatory classification of the hotels in the threshold Olympiad in Sochi. Primarily only Olympic objects had to get the stars, but quickly enough procedure was spread within the entire country.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010