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Russia will develop tourism in Crimea

Russia will develop tourism in Crimea

Ministry of Culture of Russia declared one of his top priorities the development of tourism in Crimea. In particular, first priority in this direction is the optimization of transport links with the region.

“Now we are negotiating with the Ministry of transport so the trip here was not only 2–3 times faster than to Egypt, but also cheaper,” – quotes the media the statement of Vladimir Medinskiy, the Minister of Culture of Russia.

The travel legislation of Crimea will be also coordinated with Russian.

Apart from the Ministry statement, during the tourism forum “Crimea. First Spring” held from 12 to 15 March in the region, an agreement on cooperation was signed between the Ministry of resorts and tourism of Crimea and Kaluga region. The agreement in particular provides the joint projects in the tourist field, the organization of the year-round recreation programs.

Apart from the listed companies the Representation of the Crimea will be opened in Moscow, which was liquidated in 2013. It will coordinate the Crimean issues with all authorities in Russia. As the head of the republic's parliament Vladimir Konstantinov noted it will be a real Crimea headquarters in Moscow.

Today Crimea is one of the best resorts in the Black Sea climate. Its infrastructure includes 232 hotels, 573 beaches, 6 water parks and 85 spa complexes.

Monday, March 24, 2014