Russia restored the visa regime for the foreign aircraft crew members

Russia restored the visa regime for the foreign aircraft crew members

From November 1, 2012 Russia regained the visa regime for foreign aircraft crew members of the EU countries. This measure was taken in response to the refusal of the European Union to compromise on the lists formation of Russian citizens with the right to visa-free travel to Europe, where the Russian officials supposed to be included.

“All the EU states that do not have bilateral agreements with Russia on visa-free regime for the crew members, we sent a notice indicating that it was necessary either to conclude a bilateral agreement to this issue (e.g., by an exchange of notes), or ensure that that all crew members have the appropriate visa. Russian consular offices have been instructed to issue such visas,” – quotes the statement of the Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Alexander Glushko.

The abolition of the visa regime for the holders of official passports was demanded by Russia from the beginning of the negotiations with the EU, but the Union has taken a tough stance, explaining it by the great interest in expanding the scientific, cultural and business ties.

Western airlines have already expressed concern about tight deadlines for visa formalities for their crew members, but the head of the consular department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Andrei Karlov assured that there will be no difficulties.

“We will promptly inform our embassies, our consular offices. The Airline crews will receive visas in a matter of priority,” – said the official.

Monday, November 12, 2012