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Russia is prepared to participate in the international exhibition WTM-2009 in London

Russia is prepared to participate in the international exhibition WTM-2009 in London

From 9 to 12 November in London will take place one of the largest international tourism exhibitions in Europe – World Travel Market (WTM). It will take up residence in the great exhibition complex “ExCel” in Docklands. According to Rosturism, taking into account the long and successful cooperation with Moscow and Moscow's participation as an official partner in the exhibition WTM-2005, Russia is granted with a stand in the best part of the hall – in the centre of S7 place EM5040.

The total area of Russian stand will be 285 sq. m. In organization of the stand will participate Committee of tourism of Moscow Government, Office of tourism of St. Petersburg Administration. In addition, 12 regions of Russia will be presented in the stand, which make part of Russian Coordinating Council of tourism “Regions of Russia – Moscow agreement”. They include the Republic of Khakassia, Astrakhan, Vologda, Kaliningrad area and other regions of Russia.

The exhibition will bring together more than 50 travel agencies, hotels and museums. According to Interfax, among them will be: “Intourist”, “Intourist hotel groups”, “Vodokhod”, “Natalie-tours”, “Mosturflot”, “Metropol”, “National”, “Budapest”, “Crown Plaza Moscow”, “Cosmos”, “Tsaritsino”, “Volga”, “Voskhod”, “Golden Spike” “Vega”, “Gamma Delta”, “Berlin”, Moscow State Museum “Kolomenskoye”.

The exhibition aims to exchange experience in the development of tourism between countries in shaping positive image in the eyes of partner countries, and the conclusion of cooperation agreements. Invitation of foreigners to Russia is also an important challenge of participants.

On the opening day of World Travel Market, the 9th of November, is scheduled the press conference of the Chairman of Moscow Committee of tourism with the President of the Russian National Coordinating Council of tourism “Regions of Russia – Moscow Agreement” Grigorii Valentinivich Antufeev. Press conference will take place in the press center of the Platinum Suite.

Russia has a great success among British tourists. According to Rosturism, in 2008 St. Petersburg was visited by 102 764 tourists from the UK. Tourists from the UK take the third place here after USA and Germany. On statistics of the Tourism Committee of Moscow, in the past seven years the stream of tourists from Great Britain to the capital grows steadily, and the country firmly stuck in the first 5s of the number of tourists coming to the capital.

But the first half of 2009 has changed the situation. Because of the economic crisis and the epidemic of influenza A(H1N1) the stream of tourists to Russia fell appreciably, but now the situation is gradually being rectified. Russian visa is popular again, and inviting foreigners to Russia has become rife.

According to the forecast by Rosturism, in the end of 2009 Moscow will be back to the results of 2008 – more than 4 million of tourists from the UK per year.

Probably negotiations and decision of the Russian Government to “reload” relations between the countries will increase the grow of the number of guests from the UK.

Monday, November 9, 2009