Rules to get the Russian visa have been changed

Rules to get the Russian visa have been changed

The new rules make it easier for foreigners to obtain a visa to Russia.

Changes in the Regulations of the procedure and conditions of issuing Russian visa have been made by the Russian government last week – reports the decree published on the government website.

In particular, the list of grounds for issuing Russian visas to foreign citizens and visas to foreigners temporarily residing in the country was supplemented.

Ordinary private visa for three months issued to foreign citizens will now be delivered not only by the invitation of a Russian citizen, but also by the invitation of a foreigner with a residence permit in Russia. Also, foreign relatives of a Russian citizen can obtain a visa, if they enter the country with him.

The decision about the visa on the basis of these documents will be made by the head of the consulate or diplomatic mission of Russia in the country of departure.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010