The list of positions available for foreign workers was created

The list of positions available for foreign workers was created

Migrant workers in Russia will be able to take the leading positions in the trade areas, – is stated in the order of the Ministry of Labor published in the “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

According to the above document, the foreign specialists could work as director (general director, manager) of commercial enterprise, chief financial officer (deputy director of finance), deputy director for commercial affairs, personnel management, expert on merchandise, head of department, head of commodity complex, head storekeeper, head of the laboratory, manager.

The Ministry of Labor counts that the number of senior officials of the number of migrants will be about a thousand people. It will be specialists with higher education, practical experience and a salary of two million per year, – stated Svetlana Nechayeva the Director of the Russian Department of Labor and Employment on the air of “Russian news service”. For the head storekeeper it will be enough to have secondary professional education and work experience from one year or secondary education and work experience from three years.

Such requirements (experience and education) appeared in the law for the first time, previously the determining factor for such workers was the salary wage.

Monday, February 3, 2014