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Russia will attract Eco tourists

Russia will attract Eco tourists

Speaking at the international Eco forum “Ezh” in the capital of the Komi Republic in Syktyvkar, the head of the Federal Tourism Agency, Alexander Radkov said about the need to develop eco-tourism in Russia.

“We must strive to ensure that eco-tourism has become a fashionable trend. One of the motivations for travel of foreign and domestic tourists is cultural- informative tourism, eco-tourism. Russia has a unique potential in terms of natural reserves, national parks and protected areas,” – quotes the agency “Interfax” the official’s words.

According to Alexander Radkov, by 2020 the eco-tourism will be one of the most popular tourism destinations. Given the growing worldwide interest in natural products, pollution-free fuel and reasonable energy consumption, the development of eco-tourism in Russia could lead to increase the tourist flow by 500,000 people per year.

“Creation and improvement of conditions for eco-tourism in promising regions, including provision of new attractive routes and observance of the environmental protection needs, may provide an additional tourist flow over half a million people,” – noted the head of the Federal Tourism Agency.

However Radkov reminded of the importance of the fragile bio balance maintenance in Russian nature areas. In this connection it is especially important to joint efforts of municipal, state and federal authorities to find the perfect balance to create attractive conditions for foreign travelers.

Monday, September 16, 2013