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Now one can reach “Sheremetyevo” without traffic jams

Now one can reach “Sheremetyevo” without traffic jams

The Moscow government continues realizing the project “Airports – city centre”. The 27th of August 2009 took place opening of the new railway branch between railway station Belorussky and airport “Sheremetyevo”. The route on the air express takes only 35 minutes.

According to the project, all the three main capital airports will be connected by railway till 2010. One plans the launching of the Moscow circular railway – small railway circle and new express transport system in the Moscow business centre “Moscow City”.

If the project has success one could reach one airport from another in an hour and a half or two hours, that will save nerves and will simplify the life especially for those who travels through Moscow by transit.

Till the launching of the Moscow circular railway the pause between the transit trips must be not less than 6 hours – there is no guarantee that the passenger won’t be standing in traffic jams on the highway Leningranskoye on the road to the “Sheremetyevo” or on Moscow Circle Road.

Air Expresses began to go regularly from railway station Belorussky from the 28th August. One plans that in the beginning 27 pairs of trains will ply every day between the railway station and airport and then the number of trains will be corrected according to the demands of the passenger stream.

In the course of the scheduled reconstruction the terminal will be equipped at the railway station, where the passengers could as well register their luggage.

Monday, August 31, 2009