Putin proposed to limit the term of stay for foreigners in Russia

Putin proposed to limit the term of stay for foreigners in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin in his message to the Federal Assembly said that the stay of foreign citizens in Russia should be restricted, and the lawbreakers must be punished by the ban to enter into the country for a period from three to ten years. The president's words refer to those citizens who are in the country for a long time and without any officially stated objective.

“We must solve the problem of foreigners who entered Russia without visa and stay for a long time with no any specific purpose. Allegedly without specific purpose, they have some kind of purpose, but the state knows nothing of it. The duration of their stay in the country should be limited, and for those who violate the rules of stay in Russia the entry will be denied,” – quote the media the president's words.

Also Vladimir Putin proposed the introduction of a patent system for foreigners working in Russia. Thus the cost of patents in different regions of the country should be different, and the patent itself would be valid only on the territory of the issuing region.

“The system of patents should encourage the inflow of professional and educated specialists,” – noted the president.

The existing patent system provides the grant of patents for work to foreign nationals working by individuals. The rules proposed by the President shall extend the system to companies and enterprises.

The cost of such patents and their number are not unknown yet.

Monday, December 16, 2013