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In Moscow was lead a round-table discussion, dedicated to the problems of tourism

In Moscow was lead a round-table discussion, dedicated to the problems of tourism

On March 31 in the Federal Council of the Russian Federation was leading a round-table discussion on the subject: “The improvement of normative-lawful base in the field of the tourism in Russian Federation”.

The session was opened by Vladimir Zhidkikh the chairman of the Committee of Federal Council on the youth and tourism. He designated the purposes of present meeting, determined the main directions of work on the regulation of tourism in the country.

“We are interested in Russian legislation in the field of tourism corresponding to time. Tourism is the multi-aspect branch, and we hope that its development will occur in the most different directions” – he noted.

There are no doubts in the fact that Russia has a large recreational potential. The variety of natural objects, preserves, parks, rich cultural heritage – more than two thousand museums into almost 500 historical cities, theaters, monuments of history and culture – all this makes Russia very attractive country for the tourism. According to the estimations of experts, today we are ready to accept 40 million foreign tourists yearly. In this branch today work more than five hundred thousand people, and summary income from the tourism was in 2008 833 billion rubles.

But, in spite of entire outline above, the portion of world tourism for Russia is approximately one percent today. The majorities both foreign and domestic tourists is unhappy with the quality of the tourist services. And, it goes without saying, with prices.

In the rating of the World economical forum published at the beginning of 2009 Russia in the sense of the competitive ability of tourism occupied only 59 places of 133. So that is a large field to work at: price-cutting, improvement of legislation, formation of transparent attractive for the investors’ tourist policy, strengthening of the economy and ruble and, certainly, increase in the safety of tourists.

The development of tourism is one of a few fields, the budget for development of which practically was not reduced. Today in Russia work tens of regional programs on the advance of tourism, large program on the development of Moscow, which foresees the creation of conditions attractive for the tourists. Legislation are also changed, works the Committee on the standardization of the quality of tourist services. All facilities and forces are packed, in order to derive Russia on the new level as the tourist developed, civilized country.

Monday, April 6, 2009