Experts are afraid that the number of tourists traveling by rail will decline

Experts are afraid that the number of tourists traveling by rail will decline

Federal Tariff Service announced 10 percent price increase of railway tickets in Russia. The price increase will affect the day coaches and third-class sleepers that are the most popular and affordable tariffs. The fare in the compartment cars will also rise by 5%, the same rates will remain only in the first-class sleeping cars. In addition, the seasonal increase of prices will also remain in force.

Commenting on the situation, the experts note that the rising fare of Russian trains will inevitably lead to a decrease of the tourist number traveling to Russia, – informs the agency “Interfax”.

Many foreign travelers in Russia, experts say, took the train to travel to St. Petersburg, Moscow, Lake Baikal, Altai. Intercity buses and airplanes cannot be an adequate substitute because of insecurity of the first and the high cost of the second.

As for the season and holiday changes in the cost of tickets, then, for example, it is expected that during the holidays on March 7-10 the rates will rise by 10%, on June 8-12 – by 15%, during the May holidays – by 10% and, for the first time in 2013, the prices may be increased in February 22-25 also by 10%. In the summer period from July 13 to September 2 the rates will increase by 20% compared to the annual average, and the lowest rates are expected in the period from February to April and from November to December (20% below the average value).

Concerned about the likely reduction in the number of tourists traveling to Russia by rail, travel agencies as an issue offer to develop the system of tariffs and transport cards, citing the example of the Western Railway, allowing travel not only within the country but also abroad.

Monday, November 12, 2012