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Pancake Day beyond Russia

Pancake Day beyond Russia

This year Pancake Day will be celebrated not only in different cities of Russia, but also in Europe.

Large inrush of tourists is expected in Pskov, where from 7 to 14 February All-Russia Pancake Day will take place. During the festival the city hopes to receive up to 8 thousand tourists, says “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. Holiday festivities will take place at the walls of the Savior Mirozhsky monastery. The authorities plan to turn the city of Pskov in the capital of Russian Pancake. Money for activities are taken from the budget, but the Pskov authorities hope that in three years festival will be completely self-sustaining.

Moscow Pancake day traditionally will be celebrated under the walls of the Kremlin. For ten years, it is here that unfolds festivities with pancakes, games and concerts. Celebration, as in the past year, will be completed by carnival procession through the main streets of the city. For this purpose the traffic from the Triumphal Square to Vasilevsky descent will be blocked, reports ITAR-TASS.

In Europe, the celebration of Pancake Day is preparing in Dublin, – said the agency “RIA Novosti”. Moscow organizes celebrations in the capital of Ireland. As explained the chairman of the Moscow Committee of Tourism Grigory Antyufeyev, the festival will be held by sponsors without expenditure of public funds.

“It would be nice to hold Pancake Day in New York, Berlin and Paris. In the future, probably, so it will be”– suggests Mr Antufeev.

In London, Pancake Day will be celebrated for the second time. Celebration will be held on 7th February from 1 till 6 pm. The action will introduce to British the Russian traditions and national cuisine, – said the agency “RIA Novosti”.

Celebrations will be held in the Potter-Fields at City Hall on the Thames – as in the past year. This year there will be more traditional carnival games and elements. In particular, participants of the festival will see buffoons, mummers and peddlers.

For the cooking part of the holiday Moscow chef will be responsible. Guests will be offered a huge choice of pancakes with a variety of fillings and other traditional delicacies.

A concert with Russian musicians is planned. Pelageya, the group “Beliy den” and “Terem-Quartet” will take part. Also the choir of the Orthodox Cathedral of London. Children's song and dance Russian teams are invited.

Russia's officials believe that Pancake Day can be a bright national brand that will help to create an attractive image of Russia abroad.

As part of this endeavor, a bear cub will be a symbol of this year's Pancake Day, his monument will later be installed. Bronze Bear with pancake and a barrel of honey in paws, will be installed in the center of Moscow, reports news agency “Interfax”. One of the possible places for the installation of the monument is Tsvetnoy Blvd.

Monday, February 1, 2010