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Memorandum on liberalization of visas between Germany and Russia

Memorandum on liberalization of visas between Germany and Russia

Located near Bonn, the Russian-German Petersburg Dialogue forum adopted memorandum on simplification or abolition of visa regime for citizens of Germany and Russia under 25 years old. This was stated by Dirk Wiese commissioner of the German government for inter-social cooperation with Russia and countries of the “Eastern Partnership”. The working group “Civil Society” adopted memorandum on liberalization of visas for young people. Six Russian and German experts worked on it. Meeting was held in Moscow at the end of May with participation of representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and representatives of consulates. Deputy of the Bundestag noted that “It has been said that what can be done already now within framework of current legislation.”

Wiese said that on agenda of the European Union there is not just liberalization, but abolition of visas for young people directly, in which case Russians will be able to move freely around the Schengen area. “Of course, issues relating to Schengen should be discussed in the EU, but there are things that can be done now. Whether you need to pay fees for visas for student exchanges, whether you need to come to the consulate, or you can arrange everything remotely and so on” — noted Wiese.

Memorandum covers 14 proposals for governments of the Russian Federation and the Federal Republic of Germany. Participants of the Russian-German Petersburg Dialogue propose to facilitate submission of appeals in case of refusals, to start online system for issuing visas and invitations, to expand procedure for issuing multiple-entry visas for up to five years. It is hoped that greater number of Germans and Russians will communicate with each other, this will contribute to rapprochement of the citizens of Germany and Russia.

Monday, July 22, 2019