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“Lego city” and new park complexes will appear in Moscow

“Lego city” and new park complexes will appear in Moscow

Multifunctional modern entertainment complex “Lego city” will be built on the north-west of Moscow, on the airfield Tushino, within walking distance from the metro. Construction of the complex is previewed by the capital state program “The development of industry, recreation and tourism in 2012-2016 years.”

Also in the capital will appear the new memorial in the old Simonovo, associated with the history of the Kulikov battle, the extreme sports complex in New Peredelkino, the eco-park in the Lower Mnevniki and the Exhibition Centre in the art-park “Museon”, informs the news agency RIA Novosti.

It is also envisaged to develop the valley of river Kotlovka, Kraskovsky Riverlands, Maryino park and a park of historic landscape on Khodynka.

Significant changes are planned in the Moscow Zoo. There will be two parking and a new bridge connecting the old territory with the new one. The zoo will have one more entry – by Barrikadnaya Street, the construction of the pavilion “Greenhouse” will be finished.

In addition, within the program of expanding the boundaries of Moscow, the authorities have started to adjust the capital master plan of the city until 2025 – Media Post quote the deputy mayor of the capital on urban politics and the construction Marat Khusnullin.

Enumerating objects, which in the first place lacks in the capital, Khusnullin named primarily the parking places and stores within working distance. Also the deputy mayor drew attention to the lack of ice rinks in the city. 36 rinks in Moscow is very little, – said the deputy mayor.

Monday, August 15, 2011