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Latvia and Russia will introduce a visa-free mode

Latvia and Russia will introduce a visa-free mode

As the ambassador of Russia Alexander Veshnyakov announced on the 12th of August the visa-free mode between Russia and Latvia will be introduced within 5 years.

Russia works for a long time in the direction of the visa-free mode with different countries of the world. For today Russia cancelled visa mode with roughly 20 countries.

The practice of visa-free mode became widespread – such agreements have been signed with more than 90 countries of nearly all the continents.

Visa-free mode and simplified visa mode have been introduced between Russia and Denmark, Serbia, Iceland, Hong Kong, Argentina, Korea, Israel, Norway, Montenegro and other countries.

The complication of the visa-free mode consists in the fact that Latvia is a member of the European Union. “I don’t think that it will be done in an hour or two. But within 5 years the introduction of the visa-free mode between Russia and European Union can be possible”, – told Mr. Veshnyakov.

Russia and Latvia have their own peculiarities of the visa agreement since the 26th of June 2008 when the president Dmitri Medvedev signed the decree about the facilitation of the arrival on the territory of Russia stateless persons who live on the territory of Latvia or Estonia. It concerns only those who had the citizenship of USSR, were born in RSFSR or RF, have relatives in Russia or disabled parents.

According to this agreement the resident of Latvia or Estonia can arrive in Russia for the period of 90 days without visa with the presence of the passport. The minors can be listed in the passport of the attendant and must have with them the birth certificate.

During the stay in Russia the foreigners can work with the contract in Business Corporation. They can’t obtain the position in government service, but they can sign a contract for the service in Russian army.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009