Competition for Russian tourist brand creation gathered more than 80 applications for the week

Competition for Russian tourist brand creation gathered more than 80 applications for the week

According to the information on the department’s site, for the national open competition of ideas for common Russian tourist brand announced by Rostourizm were sent 56 variants of slogans and 27 variants of logos in two weeks.

According to the rules of the competition, the slogan should be brief (no more than five words), original and without quotes from literary and other works of art protected by copyright.

The logo should include “the belonging to the cultural and historical values of the Russian Federation expressed by means of artistic language.”

Among the submitted slogans are, for example: “You’ll enjoy Russia”, “Russia – is a wonderful image of the interminable expanses” and other.

Among the logos proposed for the contest are stylized images of St. Basil’s Cathedral, animals, geographic outlines of Russia.

Due to the contest’s rules, works will be accepted until April 30, and by May 30 the Commission will select five best variants that will be checked on the basis of Rospatent. The winner of the contest will be announced by July 15.

The launch of the competition was announced by the head of the Federal Tourism Agency Oleg Safonov in February 2015. According to the official, the contest was planned in 2014 but now the question of creation of the common tourist brand of the country has become even more relevant since the question of Russia’s advance and foreign tourists’ attraction has acquired additional importance.

Under the plan, a waste of budget money for the competition is not planned. The winner won’t receive any material consideration. All rights to the logo and slogan will be transferred to the state.

Speaking about the competition, Safonov said: “Our people are very creative and active, they have a lot of ideas, and we believe that it will be efficiently to hold a contest as open... To this end, we created a special page on the Rostourism site where is all the information about the competition. There you can also send your proposals.”

Tuesday, March 10, 2015