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Iceboats on Moscow River

Iceboats on Moscow River

17 November the winter navigation on Moscow River was opened. Now river rows in Moscow are all year round. The project is by company Radisson Royal Moscow organized in the framework of the reconstruction of the Radisson Hotel. According information, the project takes into account the experience of the world's capitals.

The company purchased in the whole four pleasure yachts and one banquet iceboat. According to the edition of “Transport today”, all vessels were built in 2009 at the Turkish shipbuilding yards. Due to the project, navigation on the Moscow River became possible during the whole year, as they can pierce the ice up to 10 cm thickness. So experts note the noiseless run of yachts – unlike the usual Moscow riverboats. Noise is growing only when turning – when rudders get into gear.

When preparing routes the environmental studies were done involving a wide variety of specialists. Many experts were alerted that iceboats raise too high waves. Some parts of the Moscow river embankment raise above water only at 30–50 cm. So the waves of yacht literally overflow it.

Each yacht has three decks – two passenger and one for technical needs. The main – medium – glazed on the whole perimeter; upper deck is open with panoramic ceiling. The entire yacht can take on board 200 men. The length of the iceboat is 50 meters. On the medium deck, the restaurant is located, there are plasma screens and music system.

The rows route starts at the pier of ancient hotel “Ukraine” – now Radisson Royal Hotel. The ship passes by the Novodevichii Monastery, by the Temple of Christ the Savior, by the main building of MSU and ends at the Novospasskii Monastery.

The project organizers hope that it will pay off within ten years. Previously the period was seven years, but the crisis influenced the situation. However, the growing stream of foreign guests, who are not afraid of Russian winter and are interested in visa to Russia, lets hope that the new capital entertainment will be successful.

Monday, November 23, 2009