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Foreigners to enter Russia on a Belarusian visa

Foreigners to enter Russia on a Belarusian visa

According to the head of the Department of Citizenship and Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, Aleksey Begun, foreign citizens holding a Belarusian visa will be able to enter Russia and stay on its territory for the duration of the document. This is provided for by the agreement on the mutual recognition of visas between Belarus and Russia.

It is necessary to emphasize that foreigners with a valid Russian visa will also be able to freely enter the territory of Belarus.

“The agreement assumes that persons who have a visa of one country can enter, leave and stay in the territory of another country during its validity period. Persons who enter the territory of Belarus and Russia within the framework of a visa-free regime can enter through the internal border and stay within the period stipulated by international treaties and national legislation,” the head of the department noted.

At the same time, the Republic of Belarus insists that the agreement on the mutual recognition of visas will enter into force until May 20, 2019 as a visa-free regime for foreign citizens with accreditation to the II European Games 2019 begins to operate right from this time.

The agreement provides for the integration of information resources of the two countries.

“We will exchange information on border crossings, issued and canceled visas and temporary or permanent residence permits,” the head of the department said.

This agreement is scheduled to be signed on December 13, 2018 in Brest at a meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Union State of Belarus and Russia.

It should be recalled that this year, Belarus has increased a visa-free stay of foreign citizens from 5 to 30 days. To enter the country without a visa, a foreign citizen should have a valid passport and a medical insurance policy for at least 10 thousand euros.

Monday, December 10, 2018