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Foreigners may be restricted to enter Russia

Foreigners may be restricted to enter Russia

The law which may limit the entry of foreigners to Russia is introduced to the State Duma by the representatives of the “United Russia” – Senator Lyudmila Bokovaya and deputy Rizvan Kurbanov, – reports the agency “Interfax”.

The project essentially foresees for Russia the possibility of applying retaliatory sanctions against the citizens of the states taken the similar measures in relation to citizens of the Russian Federation.

“The innovations proposed by the bill correspond to the generally recognized principles of international law and at the same time take into account the relevant aspects of the current situation of foreign policy, as well as various aspects related to the intergovernmental relations of the Russian Federation in the current period”, – is stated in the explanatory note of the bill.

At the same time, the entrance to the country will be banned for foreigners whose actions will be considered as threatening the Russia's national interests or directing against the national, historical, cultural or other fundamental values of the country.

The authority to decide who exactly among the foreign nationals will fall under the ban and for what period will be transferred to the Government of Russia.

As explained to the newspaper “Kommersant” one of the authors of the bill Rizvan Kurbanov, the proposed document aims to “let the initiators of all kinds of restrictions related to our citizens understand that they will fall under the same sanctions.” In addition, he noted that in the first place the new rules can relate to Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia and the USA.

Monday, December 1, 2014