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FMS of Russia offered to renounce migration quotas

FMS of Russia offered to renounce migration quotas

The Federal Migration Service of Russia offered to renounce immigration quotas – informs the agency “RIA Novosti”.

The news agencies quotes the report of the head of department Konstantin Romodanovsky read at the Higher School of Economics: “We propose to abandon the quota system. This is the question to discuss. But the view that quotas need to be abolished has more supporters then opponents”.

The main idea of the concept is that FMS offers to attract foreign specialists to Russia by abolishing permission for temporary residence and introducing the new less bureaucratic procedure of residence permits.

According to Konstantin Romodanovsky, the abolition of quotas will bring highly qualified foreigners to the labor market of Russia, but the rules and regulations for low-skilled workers will be changed and improved.

Commenting on the proposal of FMS in the interview to the paper “Vzglad”, Konstantin Romodanovsky said that the country needs “people who have hands and a sober, clear head. As well as academics, and people who know how to tighten the screws with a special thread”.

Experts note that the abolition of quotas can be a turning point of the new migration policy of Russia. This concept will determine the future of the labor market in the country, the vector of its development. Will it be built on cheap labor or in accordance with state innovation policy, attracting both Russian and foreign highly qualified specialists.

Monday, April 25, 2011