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First terminal for low-cost airlines in Russia

First terminal for low-cost airlines in Russia

In Moscow airport Sheremetyevo the first terminal for passengers of budget airlines will open, – informs the news agency Interfax. This possibility appeared after opening of the South airport complex, which includes terminals D, E, F and “Aero express”. It becomes the largest transport hub of Russia, capable of serving 25 million people per year.

Special terminal on the basis of the terminal B for a segment of the budget airlines is a big step for domestic low-cost carriers to reach the next level, approaching international standards.

The capacity of the terminal B up to date amounts to approximately 4 million people per year.

The number of innovations is expected to improve the quality of passenger service. For example, a single transport card, that is valid for subway and Aero express. These cards will be sold at the stations, from which express trains depart for the airport, and the cost will amount to little more than six hundred rubles.

Meanwhile, the number of passengers carried by Russian airlines in the first half of 2010 increased by 30% compared with the same period in 2009. Their number amounted to 31.2 million people, according to the Federal Air Transport Agency. Almost half of them are on international flights.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010