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Finland is closed till September 8

Finland is closed till September 8

Finland has extended entry ban for Russian citizens till September 8 due to increase of COVID-19 new cases in the world. The press service of Finnish government announced this on August 6.

The report says the coronavirus pandemic continues, so border restrictions are being extended till September 8. Ban on entry to Finland was in effect till 25 August.

The Finnish authorities returned ban on visiting the Netherlands and Belgium after worsening of epidemiological situation in these countries.

Restrictions will be lifted only for those countries where number of cases of infection is 8 per 100 thousand people in the last 14 days.

The list of high-risk countries for Finland includes Sweden, Russia, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom. This list is reviewed every 2 weeks. Family members of Finnish citizens, regardless of nationality, will be able to return to Finland.

Finnish media reported increase of infections in Finland. In this connection, testing for COVID-19 is suggested in the ports of Helsinki and Turku and on the border with Sweden.

Monday, August 17, 2020