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The work of the border services will be improved

The work of the border services will be improved

In the beginning of the week the delegation of the Federal Council of the development of the state border visited the region of Kaliningrad to appreciate the work of the border services.

The delegation, where one of the members is Sergey Shpilko, president of the Russian Union of tourist industry, is lead by the vice-leader of the Russian Border Vladimir Goncharov. The representatives of the international Association of air transporters and Eurasian logistic organization also take there part.

In the interview to the magazine RATA-news Sergey Shpilko announced problems of Russian border system and projects of their resolution.

Mr. Shpilko told about importance of Kaliningrad region as a tourist object, its geographical position positive for new rules and technical innovations in the work of customs service.

For today in Kaliningrad region there are 26 border passages, but work only 23. When the work is better organized, one can reduce the number till 15. But the tourist stream demands will be taken in account.

Sergey Shpilko said that tourists suffer from the imperfection of the customs work. Many tourist objects are situated in the border zone and because of the great number of orders and uncoordinated work of the border services the guests can not have enough time to register their luggage and sometimes the trip is frustrated.

For example, there is no great importance for the filling in of the migration cards for the passengers of the cruise ships. This procedure now breaks the work of the border services.

There is great need to coordinate the work of different border services: service of transport control, sanitary control, veterinary control and others.

One tries to resolve all these problems. Sergey Shpilko noted that “one considers necessary the organization of the “one window” regime, as it will be more convenient not to pass through all the border services. Other important question is the expansion of the temporary control border posts practice. It could simplify the work during periods of tourist season and entry of crises ships”.

The Federal agency of state border development of the Russian Federation was found on the 11th October 2007. The deal of the agency is development of normative regulatory base, support of the border control posts, creation of new state border control posts and realization of the state programs in this sphere.

Monday, September 7, 2009