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A tourist police began to work in Russia

A tourist police began to work in Russia

In Russia the tourist police began to work, the officers patrol the most popular among tourists streets of the city. It is planned that in the future these services will appear in other big cities of Russia, – informs the agency “Russia Today”. The division consists of 80 police officers.

As said the head of the Moscow Department of Internal Affairs Anatoly Yakunin, the final formation of the stuff will be finished by November of this year. Its strength will be 140 people. By this time the tourist police officers will complete the courses of local history, ethics and English, in the meantime, if necessary, the volunteers carry the functions of the interpreters.

According to the deputy chief of the protection of public order GU MVD Olesya Aleshina, the professors from the Tourism Institute of Sienkiewicz teach the police officers engaged.

The tourist police officers, who patrol the streets day and night, note that in most cases they help lost tourists. There were no reports of assault or robbery.

The initiator of the tourist police in Russia became the Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltchev. During his visit to Israel, he was able to appreciate the work of the local tourist police and came to the conclusion about the need for such a service in Russia.

Monday, July 7, 2014