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  3. Los boletos individuales desaparecerán en el metro de Moscú
Los boletos individuales desaparecerán en el metro de Moscú

Los boletos individuales desaparecerán en el metro de Moscú

Nos disculpamos, solo la versión en inglés está disponible.

Since February 2013, in Moscow the new structure of tickets for public transport will be introduced. So, from June, 1 they stop selling tickets for one or two trips in subway, only the tickets for 5 or more trips will remain. Instead of single tickets for those who use the subway occasionally, a ticket valid for 90 minutes and at a price of 50 rubles is introduced. It is valid for one trip in subway and unlimited travel on surface transport during the specified period. Another card of similar type, which the authorities expect to be in demand among the guests of Moscow, will be valid for to the duration of the 24 hours, but it will cost 200 rubles.

Also the unlimited tickets will appear valid for 30 days and at the price of 2,200 rubles, which is about 200 rubles cheaper than existing analogue today.

Another option will be the cards called “electronic cash-box”. One can put any sum on this card to pay the fare. According to officials, the public transportation in Moscow can be paid with any credit card, including train and express train tickets.

“The most modern media, already implemented in many European and American cities, is a prototype of the entire ticket for all modes of transport, in the future for the railways and the express trains also. It can be used to pay parking and other transportation services in Moscow”, – notes the deputy mayor of Moscow Transport Maxim Liksutov. For each trip on subway or bus, the card will be charged for 28 rubles.

As the officials note, there are two main reasons for the cancellation of single- or double-trip tickets. The first is their relatively expensive production. The experts note that the cost of production of the chip tickets for one or two trips do not pay off their price for the consumers. Another reason is the long queues in the subway ticket offices. According the officials, most of the passengers making a queue in the subway buy such “short” tickets.

By the way, another measure to combat the queues in the subway will be the introduction of additional ticket machines in subway stations.

martes, 22 de enero de 2013