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Russian Visa Types

Russian Visa Types
Russian visas differ in:
  • type of visa – tourist, business, work, private, family member, transit visa, i.e., according to the purpose of visit to Russia (there are also some other types of visa which are required for very specific cases and not for all foreign nationals, e.g., visas for diplomats, sailors and students, for humanitarian and religious purposes, etc.)
  • period of validity of visa, i.e. the maximum permitted period of stay in Russia (for how many days and in what period one can legally stay in the country)
  • number of entries – single-entry, double-entry and multiple-entry, i.e. the number of permitted entries to Russia within the period of validity of a visa
  • other numerous parameters, e.g., the form of a Visa Invitation (original, photocopy, electronic form), visa processing time, etc.

The field of Russian visas is rather difficult and extensive, that's why we recommend you to get a consultation from the experienced visa specialist to choose the best variant of Russian visa according to the purpose of your trip, the visa urgency, your citizenship and other conditions.

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