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Aeropuerto Sheremetyevo se esfuerza por cumplir con los estándares europeos

Aeropuerto Sheremetyevo se esfuerza por cumplir con los estándares europeos

Nos disculpamos, solo la versión en inglés está disponible.

According to the press service of OJSC “Sheremetyevo international airport” soon the airport terminal symbols will be changed from digital to lettering. As stated in a press release, “This decision is taken to streamline terminal identification, taking into account apparition of new complexes and forward-looking development of the airport”.

According to news agencies, from 25 December of this year “Sheremetyevo-2” will become the terminal F (SVO-F), then a new Terminal – E (SVO-E) will be opened, and “Sheremetyevo-3” is already identified as Terminal D (SVO-D), and terminal C will keep its current name – C (SVO-C). The new business terminal A is planned in the northern part of the airport.

Terminals D, E and F will be joined by chain of galleries, and then probably the duty free and pre-registration zones will be combined. This complex can serve up to 25 million passengers annually.

It will help the comfort of passengers and their free movements in the airport terminals. By the idea of the creators, such symbols accepted all over the world would help foreigners to orientate themselves easier in the airport. Indeed, as invitation of foreigners in Russia – for example, for work becomes again relevant.

However, not everybody approve these changes. The experts note the difficulty of such conversion, confusion, which will occur later. Although the leadership of the airport promises to install additional guideboards, and with any questions one can contact the call center by the phone +7(495)232–65–65, however, it seems, their will be lost passengers.

Travel.ru notes that further turmoil can make a different pronunciation of Latin letters in different languages. In particular – Russian passengers will have the bigger problems.

The site takes as example the European airports. According to Travel.ru, from 30 largest airports only three use lettering. These are the airports of Dallas, Newark and Houston in the USA. Most recently, the Rome airport Fiumicino changed the letter symbols of terminals to digital for the reason of comfort of passengers.

However, other experts note that the initial unavoidable difficulties would be compensated by the comfort of foreign partners of Sheremetyevo – in particular, the companies of Skyteam Alliance. And passengers in any case will become accustomed to the more convenient alphabetic symbols than to pick in random numbering terminals.

lunes, 16 de noviembre de 2009