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Un nuevo enfoque de la calidad en el ámbito turístico

Un nuevo enfoque de la calidad en el ámbito turístico

Nos disculpamos, solo la versión en inglés está disponible.

Because of the crisis the attitude to the tourism in Russia has changed. The tour managers began to pay more attention to the development of the new itineraries, services in the sphere of the inner tourism as well as to the foreign citizens traveling to Russia.

As for the government, it searches for the new methods and means for the development of the tourist sector too. So the Russian health resorts have an important place in the plans of the development. For the realization of the program “The South of the country” 2 millions RUR have been allocated. This money is reserved for the development of the new itineraries, for the consolidation of the tourist infrastructure and the promotion of the tourist service. “In the regions 65 tourist sector programs function. In these programs take part the municipal budgets as well. The money will help to create the conditions for the development of the infrastructure and for the promotion of the tour product on the domestic market and on the foreign market”, – announced Nadezhda Nazina, head of the Department of the tourism of the Ministry of sport, tourism and youth politics.

In connection with the realization of these programs according to Nazina there were made some changes in the legislation. Due to these changes the municipal government can assign the necessary money for the development of the tourist sector from the budget.

The law “About the arrival and the departure” has been also changed – now the foreign citizens who stay in Russia for less than 72 hours don't need to apply for the visa.

In addition the service of the technical regulation plans to elaborate 5 standards aimed at the perfection of the control of the quality of work of the tour managers. For the development of the each standard there were assigned 150 thousand RUR. The money will be assigned according to the results of the competition that the service of the technical regulation will announce, due to the Law of the state purchase.

The quality standards of the tourist service will replace the canceled State Standards and the committee led by Nadezhda Nazina. will be created for the work coordination.

According to Nazina, the law about the financial guarantees is prepared for the second reading, it will control the work of the tour managers. Particularly will be introduced the responsibility scale for the tour managers depending on the financial turnover amount. And may be there will be a decrease of the responsibility of the tour managers working in the sector of the entry tourism. As the foreign tourists address more frequently to the foreign insurance companies in case of a dissatisfaction.

As Nadezhda Nazina said, the tourist sector budget has been reduced for 15% after 2008. So the promotion of the Russian tours in the West Europe will be proceeded in the standard form – generally on the exhibitions. And it will be impossible to create Russian representatives abroad at closer time.

According to Nazina, the year 2008 was successful for the tourist sector in Russia, for example, the number of the foreigners entering Russia have been increased for 67 thousand persons.

martes, 24 de febrero de 2009