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Día de la fiesta rusa de la bandera del estado

Día de la fiesta rusa de la bandera del estado

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22 August in Russia was celebrated a relatively new, but already popular, feast – The day of the state flag. This holiday was established in 1994 by Decree of the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin, and the flag was approved as a state symbol in 1991 by Supreme Soviet of RSFSR after the fall of the ruling party.

This symbol is the oldest of all ever used in Russia as a state attribute. It has already appeared in the 17th century, when in 1668 under the tsar Aleksey Romanov had been launched the first Russian warship the “Eagle”.

In urgent search of decent symbol, according to some historians, Aleksey Mihaylovich asked for experience of Dutch who were leading the ship construction. They told him about customary to raise the flag on ships. As the basis of Russian flag could be taken the one of Netherlands – from 1630 it consisted from three lanes: top red, middle white and bottom blue.

Or perhaps for the choice of colors of the flag bore the desire to repeat the tone of the Moscow Emblem with Saint George in silver armour and blue cloak on the red background.

However, legal status of the Russian flag was set neither under Mikhail Romanov nor under Peter I, known for his love to develop new variations of the standards, nor under their successors.

After the October revolution the flag became a rectangular scarlet color cloth, later supplemented with a banner RSFSR, and then the place of the abbreviation in the upper left corner was assumed by the famous sickle and hammer – until 1991.

However, the famous tricolor never left the political arena – initially it was used as a symbol by White movement, and then, following the defeat – by emigration.

To salute the flag with such a rich history Russian cities really did their best. Thus, on 22 August 2009, the symbol of the Russian Federation was established in Kabardino-Balkaria at one of the vertices near Elbrus, in Lipetsk took place a parade of bikers carrying the tricolors, and at Kamchatka the flag of size six to eight meters was put on top of volcano. In Moscow in honor of the flag were held several meetings of various political parties, and in St. Petersburg the citizens made the live ring around the fortress in Hares ' island.

For the Kremlin in Moscow the tricolor – in particular for celebrations – traditionally is sewed by the enterprise “Megoflag”. According to standard, State symbol needs to be of size two to three, and only the flag of President of Russian Federation is square.

According to the low about the “State Flag of Russian Federation”, the tricolor is constantly raised over the buildings of government institutions – such as Administration of President, Supreme Court, Chamber of Accounts, Attorney General and several others. In addition, it is daily raised in locations of Russian troops.

In line with the traditional ways, colors of flag symbolize: white – nobility, blue – irreproachability, tranquility, red – courage, generosity and love.

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