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Rusia abrió un centro de visas en Bélgica

Rusia abrió un centro de visas en Bélgica

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Russia has opened a visa center in Brussels, – informs the Russian Embassy in Belgium. The opening of the visa center is designed to reduce the time of documents submission and visa issuing for foreigners traveling to Russia.

Georgy Kuznetsov, the press attaché of the Russian Embassy in Brussels, noted that the new center will perform technical functions: assistance in applications fulfillment, reception of documents, fee collection, and other procedures. The decision on granting or refusal of visas is still made by the embassy.

The Russian management company Visa Handling Services will monitor the functioning of the visa center. Russian visa will cost 65 euros: this cost is made up of the visa fee of 35 euros and the service charge of 30 euros. This sum will be constant for any visa type of any multiplicity.

However, those, who want, can continue to apply for the visa directly at the consulate. But the documents reception will be open only three days a week by appointment.

In the future two more Russian visa application centers will be opened in Belgium.

lunes, 22 de octubre de 2012