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Las reglas para obtener una ciudadanía rusa pueden cambiarse

Las reglas para obtener una ciudadanía rusa pueden cambiarse

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The Russian Federal Migration Service in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development prepared a bill under which one could obtain the Russian citizenship by investing in the country's economy the amount of 10 million rubles. Also this possibility will be opened for students educated in Russia and worked here at least for three years. However, a citizen applying for Russian citizenship must prove that the invested funds are obtained in a legal way. The new rules provide the very simplified way to get Russian citizenship, as the current regulations stipulate that a foreigner must first get a residence permit for the country and then after living with it for at least five years one can apply for the citizenship.

The simplified procedure exists for foreigners whose spouse is a Russia citizen, and for those born in the Soviet Union and now stateless. According to experts, the sum of ten million is not too large in comparison with other countries.

But the experts from the Public Chamber said they would not support the bill in its current form, – reports the newspaper “Kommersant”. “It is unclear why the bill talks about the revenue as proof that the entrepreneur is really necessary for the economy. There are many opportunities to show the revenues of 10 million on paper, but actually not giving anything to the state”, – quotes the media the words of Vladislav Grib, the Deputy Secretary of the Public Chamber. In addition, the experts are not satisfied with the insignificance of fixed amount.

The experts object to giving preferential citizenship for students, as we should first estimate the state need in young professionals of different areas.

lunes, 24 de febrero de 2014