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Un sistema unificado de navegación multilingüe lanzado en Moscú

Un sistema unificado de navegación multilingüe lanzado en Moscú

Nos disculpamos, solo la versión en inglés está disponible.

“1268 multilingual information indexes will be set in Moscow by the end of the year, and this number will reach 10,745 in the next five years,” – reported the head of the Moscow Tourism and Hotel Industry Committee (Moskomturizm) Sergey Shpilko to the website “Turprom”.

Multilingual indicators will be implemented in the context of realization of the unified system of urban navigation. According to Sergey Shpilko, “The program is great; its phased implementation is planned to five years. In 2014 it will be implemented within the boundaries of the Central District and it will spread to other districts in the years to come. More than 2 thousand communication pointers and over 10 thousand signs on the facades of houses will be set annually”.

In addition to the information indexes, the first of its kind information constructions with bilingual cards for tourists were installed this summer by the Moscow Department of Transportation and Road Infrastructure Development. The first or these structures appeared in the city center near the metro stations “Teatralnaya”, “Lubuyanka”, “Ploschad Revolitsii”, “Kuznetskiy most” and “Okhotny ryad”.

Speaking about other problems of the city, Sergey Shpilko noted that some of them are currently solved. Thus, there is no lack of public toilets in the city anymore as 550 new toilets have already been established this year in addition to 225 already operating free toilets.

The problem of the hotels expensiveness is also solved: currently 62% of Moscow hotels with capacity of more than 50 rooms function in the “economy” category. Besides, the number of mini-hotels and hostels has significantly increased.

Thus, the monitoring of the Moscow hotels prices in August shows that it’s possible now to rent a room from 350 rubles per night at the hostel or 1 000 rubles per night in a two star hotel and up to 2 000 rubles per night in a four star hotel.

lunes, 15 de septiembre de 2014