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La calle peatonal más larga se abrirá en Moscú

La calle peatonal más larga se abrirá en Moscú

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This year in Moscow the longest pedestrian zone will be created, it will stretch for 6.7 kilometers from the Gagarin Square through Neskutchniy garden, Recreation Gorky Park, Hamovniki and end at the Kiev railway station. This was stated by the Deputy Mayor for Housing and Public Works Peter Biryukov.

By the City Day in September four more pedestrian zones will appear in the capital, one of them will stretch for 2 kilometers through the streets Pokrovka, Maroseyka and three other: through Revolution Square, Triumph Square and Pyatnitskaya street.

Also about 50 “national” parks and 30 hiking trails will be opened in Moscow and districts.

The townspeople take ab active participation in the planning of such areas. “All this work is being done at the suggestion of residents. We conducted public hearings, it is a composite author. We have a lot of representatives of the public council that works in the city and make suggestions,” – said Biryukov. For example, at the suggestion of the citizens, a pedestrian zone was created on the residents’ projects and designs on the Krymskaya waterfront.

“Today we arraign before the court of public opinion the preparation of proposals on the Triumphal Square, and we have already received about 160 offers”, – noted the Deputy Mayor Biryukov.

In 2013, five hiking trails were created in Moscow with a total length more than five kilometers.

So, the vehicular traffic was stopped in the Tverskoy proezd, on the streets Nikolskaya and Bolshaya Dmitrovka, the Krumskaya waterfront and in Zamoskvoretchye.

lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014