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El gobierno decidió apoyar el turismo nacional

El gobierno decidió apoyar el turismo nacional

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The 28th January 2009 an enlarged session of the presidium of the ministry board of Sport, Tourism and Youth Politics took place. During the meeting the Chef of the department Vitalii Mootko announced some amendments of the law “On the foundations of the tourist industry in Russian Federation” that must start working next season.

According to the Minister the hole package of measures was elaborated including the amendments in the administrative and criminal legislation of the Russian Federation. All the measures are aimed to increase the responsibility of tourist managers and to consolidate the financial guaranties in the sphere of tourist trips.

The changes in particular will touch the the Russian Tourism financing and the creation of the clear market of the tourist services in the country. According to the report of “Interfax”, Vitalii Mootko emphasized the importance of the tourist sphere in the development of the Economics. Now the profit of the tourism is already 1,5 % GDP.

In 2009 50 millions rubles were allocated for the support of the tourism and the rest – as an addition to the 156 millions that already possesses ROSSTOURISM and that are intended for the advertisement of the Russian tourism in the international market.

Also the additional efforts are previewed for the development of the inner tourism. In particular the assistant of the Minster of Sport, Tourism and Youth Politics Oleg Rojkov emphasized it in his report on the meeting of the ministry board of the Sport tourism of Russia. According to his opinion, “in terms of the crisis it will be right to support the development of the inner tourism considering it as a factor capable not only to resolve the socio – economic problems of the country but also ensure for Russia a definite position in the list of countries the most attractive for the tourists.”

The global crisis has a great influence on the tourist business of Russia as well as in the whole world. According to the chef of the tourist industry Union Sergey Shpilko today because of the crisis more than 10 % of Russian tour agencies have been closed. The situation can become more difficult till spring.

However the influence of the crisis can become positive if it will be possible to profit wright the situation. Exactly due to the crisis the Russian tour agencies, The Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Politics and other power-holding structures can realize their relationship, perfect the laws, the scheme of the tourist market and use untapped reserves, such as the development of the inner tourism.

lunes, 2 de febrero de 2009